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morning musings | Random Thoughts

Happy Friday y'all! I hope your day is off to as great a start as mine. As you might have guessed from the title, today I just feel like sharing random thoughts on my mind.

Thought 1 - Today is the eve of a big day for me. Tomorrow Kennesaw State, where I went to undergrad, will be playing its spring football game. I'm so excited about 2015 and our first season of football! This moment has been years in the making for me *wipes tear from eye*.

Thought 2 - My coworkers are amazing. This week has been stressful and emotionally draining and I've definitely been showing signs of wear and tear. Yesterday they ordered me breakfast (the world's most perfect bacon) and today they surprised me with fancy chocolate. #ReasonsWhyILoveMyTribe #IReallyJustWantedToUseTheWordTribe #IveSeenItEverywhereLately

Thought 3 - Joy comes in the morning. Last night I went to Breathe-a gathering of women, at my church. As usual for me at these types of estrogen infused events I cried my eyes out while people shared their faith stories. Then this morning I listened to Heather Lindsey's "live" event on her YouTube channel that I missed last night. It's so great to be reminded that you aren't alone in your battle. Each of us is dealing with something.

Thought 4 - God cares about the details. He knows what makes you tick and what makes your heart beat a little faster. Don't ever underestimate His ability to come right on time with the encouragement, reinforcement, comfort or whatever else you need. Trust me He knows your limits.
Thought 5 - I need to up the data on my phone. I'm an addict; that is all.