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confessions | I'm a rule follower

I should probably change the title to I'm a selective rule follower. When I don't see a rule as having serious consequences I throw it away; you know like jaywalking. (Never mind the fact that I've seen countless pedestrians laid out in intersections in downtown Atlanta because they also decided to ignore that rule.) But the serious rules I'm a stickler for; like you must wipe down the machines at the gym after each use (and before because no one seems to follow that one). I know my mind works in mysterious ways.

That being said last night we went to the park; with a child. Was I concerned about the fact that he was recklessly running, jumping, and flipping off of every surface imaginable? Nope. I had perfect faith that he would stay in one undamaged piece. However, I was moderately concerned (when we arrived) that the sign said we could not be there if the sun was not shining. All I could think of was how we were going to end up in park jail. This would be fine if we were all consenting adults but it wasn't fair of me to choose a life of crime for a five year old…again, I know, I overthink things.
But then we got on the swings and all was right with the world; Park jail Shmark jail 'ain't nobody got time for that'. The joy of breaking from routine far outweighed my fear of what would probably just have been a stern talking to by the Parks and Rec. people. (Besides aren't they supposed to be like really funny or something?)
I get that this is a silly example but it's an example nonetheless of how a regular Wednesday night turned into a blog worthy moment simply because I chose to laugh in the face of fear and get off my couch. So I've decided to add an asterisk next to my 2015 Word of the Year, embrace, to remind me to do one thing a day that scares me. Day one down…