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I'm not sure if you noticed but I didn't post last Saturday.

Why, you ask?

Because I'm not one of those bloggers who has it all together, pre-writes her posts, and puts them on the schedule to be auto-published so she can sleep in (well maybe once or twice). So I woke up started running around and kept thinking I need to remember to post later. Then later came and I was like "Eh". I have these stats or whatever and they show me that no one really reads my Saturday posts. Mondays are really popular; maybe y'all like having two things to read at once but Saturdays are pretty dead. Therefore, I'm revising my commitment of writing six days a week. Occasionally, I'll still post on a Saturday (if it's something really good). If you use bloglovin' and follow f+g you'll know right away. The rest can just enjoy the bonus post Monday.

Kind of like the toy in the cereal box.