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a look at | Waiting

On my drive home yesterday I heard a radio segment featuring Louie Giglio. He spoke on how God uses periods of waiting to transform us.

Last night there was a post on my Instagram feed paraphrasing Ruth 3:18. "Wait, my daughter until you learn how the matter turns out".

My devotion this morning was on our need to be still and how rushing to attain the next goal can cause us to miss hearing from God.

I can easily pinpoint the areas in my life where I've been rushing to get to the next stage. I think "yea God I get it, lesson learned. What's next?" but life is about those periods in between point A and B. The journey is what makes each person unique. It's kind of like baking cookies there are some standard ingredients needed for most every kind but then you've got to decide if you're going to add raisins, m&m's, or whatever else. We should enjoy that time more. We should really think about why we want what we want and what we want out of it. The waiting period could cause your desires to change. Or it could give you a better plan of action.

What have you been demanding asking God to make happen "like yesterday"? What things can you do to make better use of the waiting period? Meditate on the verse below today. Often times we feel the burden to achieve; to work things out how we see fit. But in actuality we have no power. So give yourself a break, rest in the waiting because it's all in God's hands anyway.
Psalm 46:10