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spotlight | Flourish Girls Ministry

When I saw my sweet precious ex-roomie post about Flourish girls ministry on instagram I was so excited. First because Flourish is the name of the annual middle school girls retreat at my church so I'm partial to the word. Second because I can't tell you how much I love love love Debbie.

When she first came to Atlanta from Alabama to rent the random game room turned bedroom (with an awesome fireplace) in our basement I couldn't help but admire her courage. When I saw her coming in going out in her funky hats and uber cool outfits I couldn't help but admire her style. And when I finally started to get to know her I couldn't help but admire her heart. I'm not easily impressed by people (a side effect from my previous life working with celebrities and athletes) but man this girl is the cream of the crop! Even as I "stalk" her life from afar she motivates me to chase after Jesus with her vigor.

The team over at Flourish gets girls' hearts. I've had people tell me to stop highlighting other blogs so I don't lose readership. But this is one instance where I honestly wouldn't care. They've been able to verbalize things on my heart better than I can at times. They're real and why haven't you clicked on the link yet? I'm done.