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morning musings | The thing about Grace...

It's so easy to write people off. There's that complaining coworker or the seemingly always put-together girl from church. I've lost count of the times I've heard the words "I don't like her" come out of the mouths of my friends or myself. It's so easy to judge people based on the one sided representation of them we encounter. But like Mary Lou said if you only knew their story there's no way you couldn't love them.
As Christians our hearts should break for the aching world around us. We should not retreat to the safety of those who are, relatively, easy to love. We are called to go to the broken and love them like Christ. So the next time someone does something that rubs you the wrong way instead of rushing to get offended stop to think about their why. What hurt in their life is causing them to lash out at you? Remember even you have less than stellar moments when could use a little grace.
The thing about grace is the people it's hardest to give it to often need it the most.