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morning musings | Heart Health

I've been thinking a lot about hearts lately. Maybe it's because I see red glitter ones everywhere I go alerting me that V-day is almost here. Maybe it's because both my grandma and my sorority sister's dad have had surgery on their hearts within the last week. Maybe it's because I've been lovin' on (and crying out for) a bunch of people that are nursing broken hearts lately. Whatever the reason I was reminded of how important the state of our hearts really is. Whether physical or emotional any pain that happens there literally brings life to a standstill.
I'm no expert on working out or eating right for a physically healthy heart (google and are my guides on that one). But one thing that has really improved the emotional state of my own heart is Andy Stanley's Enemies of the Heart. I've gone back to it multiple times and just last week a friend suggested that I (re-)read it. Since I went a little book crazy on Amazon recently I decided to check-out the audiobook version from my library's Overdrive site and listen while at the gym (killing two birds with one stone y'all). It's seriously a book that never gets old. Life is constantly happening and our hearts are always under attack. If you're feeling any sort of inner conflict or hurt I definitely recommend it.