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morning musings | ChickChat

If you saw last Friday's happyheart post you might have noticed I mentioned something called ChickChat. Many of you had no idea what that was (it was my first time going so I'm only a tad more knowledgeable than you).

When I first heard about ChickChat I expected it to be like Passion City's The Grove. The Grove, like all things at Passion City, is basically one of the most beautiful and well produced things you've ever seen. There's art, Pinterest worthy food displays, bathroom attendants, rock star style worship…oh yea and they talk about Jesus too. I might sound a little jaded but that's only because it took me 2 hours to make the 20 minute drive home and most of that time was spent in the parking deck. I actually like and respect what Louie and Shelley are doing at PCC so I won't hold this against them.
That being said I expected ChickChat to be a somewhat smaller version of The Grove. If you've never been to Victory World Church you are missing out because their worship team is amazing. Think all of the talent of Passion with more diversity and less hype. My expectations of ChickChat were completely wrong. Where The Grove made me cry (I love you Courtney Pray) ChickChat made me feverishly take notes. Working in student ministry Ms. Jeanne was easily my favorite and became my new hero! But the whole panel was great. However, the biggest thing that differentiated the two events in my mind was the attendees.
The women I met at ChickChat we're from all different walks of life. Some looked like my grandma wearing oversized knitted sweaters with their gray hair pulled elegantly pulled back. Some showed up in the shortest skirts I've ever seen with faces full of makeup. Some, like me, were wearing the stereotypical jeans and riding boots combo. But all of the ladies in attendance were genuinely friendly, welcoming, and non-judgmental. I don't think I've ever been around a group so loving.
If you live anywhere close I suggest you come next time. If you live farther away they live stream so you can join virtually. Here's the link to last week's panel.