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morning musings | The Breakup

It comes out of nowhere. One day things are perfect. You’re planning the next 10 years of your life. Talking about what you’ll name your future children. Then the sky opens up and BOOM everything changes.

The Breakup.

I’m not talking about the kind with the guy that has you scribbling Future Mrs. _________ on random sheets of paper. I’m talking about the friend breakup. Much like the kind that happens with the "once man of your dreams" you probably see this one coming but ignore the signs.

Shared interests…change. Friend groups…change. Hobbies…change.

Along with a number of other things. Things that cause you to look at this person you once thought you’d grow old with as a stranger. It’s easy to say people are in our lives for a season when we mean other people’s lives and other people’s seasons. The statement's not as comforting when the loss hits home. So cry if you need to. But once the tears stop trust. Trust in the fact that the friendship served its purpose. It grew and shaped you. You wouldn't be the person you are today without all the people you've loved along the way and it's ok if they all don't stay forever. The empty space allows room for God to bring the next person He needs to impact you in.

I love this example (so sorry if you've heard it) I once was given about dating. Not every man you date is meant to take you from A to Z. Sometimes you only move from M to O...but you're moving. When I look at that statement with more of a kingdom vision Z no longer means getting a ring but rather it means becoming more Christ-like. And when I look at the statement through the lens of friendship rather than dating it's just as impactful. Not all of us will have friends we know from the time we're born until the time we die. We are given the friends we need to poke and prod at our insecurities. We are given friends to comfort and love on us when we need healing. They serve the purpose of teaching us to love and act like Jesus. So even when we outgrow the people we love we can smile because we know we're moving closer to The One who first loved us.