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a look at | The Introduction

As a writer I think it's pretty natural that I also have a love of reading. You would be hard pressed to find me without a book in my purse or car. There was a point in my life when I was spending more time reading books about the Bible or biblical principles than the actual book itself. I mean I'd read a verse here or there in my daily devotional but sitting down studying whole books and reading whole chapters was not the norm. Then one day I was reading a Christian book and I saw one of my favorite Bible verses quoted only something about it seemed wrong. I realized there are updates to translations all the time so the version of the verse I memorized could very likely be "out of date" so to speak. So I went on a quest, searching a ton of translations, to find the verse worded the way the author had shared it. I couldn't find it. I did find a translation that almost matched it if you put a … here and a … there. But those dots that were missing, in my mind, completely changed the meaning of what was being said. That moment was one that really convicted me as a young Christian to question everything I heard or read and to learn scripture and the historicity of the Bible for myself.

Often times we think because pastors, authors, or radio hosts have the stamp of approval from the Christian community that they've done all the research and know all the answers. Even the most well-meaning member of that group can get it wrong, because they're human. That's why it's so important to educate yourself beyond sitting in a chair on Sunday morning. Some of my small group girls asked where in the world to even start so I decided to help because I loooove them (and y'all). This very long story was my introduction to a new series of posts called a look at. On Wednesdays I'll post topics with random notes, thoughts, verses, etc. If something stands out to you I challenge you to use that as a starting point for your personal studies.
For example about three months ago I heard Charles Stanley randomly preaching through my car radio on risk. One example he used was Simon Peter. Even though the intended topic was trusting and overcoming fear the flame it sparked in me was to learn more about the man and character of Peter. I am still checking out library books and reading commentaries on him. So don't feel bound by what the title topic is. Spend time in prayer and reflection about what God wants to show you. Maybe a post on singleness will inspire you to study more on what a healthy marriage should look like. Maybe a post on discontentment will lead you to realize there's some healing that needs to happen in your heart. Use the posts as a launching pad because you spiritual walk is your own and at the end of the day only you are accountable to God for what it looks like not your parents or some pastor that made you jaded. Take ownership of it.