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a look at | God's Providence

I recently finished a study on Esther. Do you know what's all throughout that book; God's providence. What does that even mean? It's when the sovereign and all-knowing God makes provision for our humanness. It's how He uses things, even our shortcomings or a pagan king as in Esther, to produce His will.

My study on Esther was via a precept group at my church. The thing I love most about this method is that it fills in the historical gaps. In addition to looking at the life and times of Queen Esther we looked at the social climate leading up to the story. What was it like to be a Jew? What was it like to be a woman? We looked at law making procedures. Why was a royal edict so powerful? We looked at what was prophesied about the nation of Israel pre-Esther. Knowing all those little details made me stand even more in awe of God.
It also made me realize that God's providence is still very much alive and well and active in our lives. He has a plan for each of us. People we need to reach. Tasks we need to accomplish. He isn't deterred by our failures. Often times they put us in the best position to be used.
So what should you take away from this week's a look at? You could decide to study Esther (but be warned if you try to watch the movie on Netflix after you study it you will be infuriated…they get it all wrong). You could poke around the precept site and check out a different workbook (make sure you have colored pencils ready for when it arrives). You could commit to researching historical facts surrounding your favorite Bible story. Or you could look at the topic of today's post, God's Providence, in other books of the Bible and meditate on how He could be moving in your own life.