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morning musings | Word Of The Year

It's the third Friday of 2015 and I've finally decided to jump on the "Word of the Year" bandwagon. My defining word….for twenty-fifteen is….. *drum roll*

I love how Merriam-Webster defines embrace:
  • To accept (something or someone) readily or gladly.
  • To use (an opportunity) eagerly.

Oh yea and there's that bit about hugs too *stretches arms out* go ahead, bring it in (I smell really good today, lucky you). The expanded definition also highlights the words cherish and welcome.
For someone who's a bit of a control freak, like yours truly, the word embrace has undertones that hint at relinquishing control. The words readily and eagerly call for almost instantaneous action. There is no time to think about how to make the situation perfect. You've just gotta go with it. I honestly feel that my happiest moments are the ones when I embrace things as they are rather than trying to check all the appropriate boxes. I feel like cherish and welcome call for an attitude of positivity and a gracious heart.
The advice I've been given from the "Word of the Year" experts is to make sure I have reminders of my word, everywhere. I could save it as the background on my laptop, use a dry erase marker or chalk pen and write it on my bathroom mirror, or put it on a post-it note in my car. Whatever it takes to make sure it's on my mind. I'm supposed to allow the word to take on a life of its own and to shape my perspective in the year ahead.
May I be real honest for a minute? I'm petrified.  I know it doesn't seem like a big deal. It's only a harmless word; seven letters long. It's just innocently staring back at me from my computer screen wondering…nothing because it's a word people! However, God knows I chose that word. I prayed on it. I asked for an out. I thought let's start with something a little easier that I'm already pretty good at and let 2016 be the year for radical change. No such luck. So that means I better hunker down and get ready to be tested on how well I embrace things. Pray for me y'all! And while you're at it you still have time to choose your own word *evil laugh*.