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morning musings | Resolutions

I know most people share these on or before the 1st as some major declaration about the year to come. But today has been the first morning that I've had time to legitimately organize the random notes I've left myself about “Who I want to be in 2015”.

Thankfully there’s not a lot I want to change. The older I get the more in touch I am with the woman God created me to be. That brings a lot of peace and takes away the pressure to be a newer shinier version of myself with the start of each new year.

As I look over the things I want to check off by next December I notice a common theme; Summer. I want to be the girl I am when the days are hot and the time moves slow.  So I guess if I had to pick a magical day mine would be in late June when the season begins.

In Summer I don’t feel guilty for making time for things I love. Extra yoga sessions, reading a thick and pointless book, grabbing a lunch that turns into dinner with a good friend these things all seem like necessities. However, during the rest of the year they become rewards or breaks.

How is it that for 9 months I spend my time prioritizing everyone else’s needs and wants to the point that mine take a back seat waiting hopefully for a couple free hours on a random Saturday? It’s sad but it makes my resolution list simple, short, and easy to remember.

Make more time for things and people I love.

Yup, just one item. I know it’s noncommittal. It’s hard to measure. Come December my success will be judged by feelings rather than boxes checked. But I need more of that in my life. I need less time with my blinders on focused on the end goal and more time enjoying the trip.

What are your resolutions?