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morning musings | Not All Things Should Be DIY'ed

Yesterday the skies were grey, the weather was beyond cold, and my bff and I needed something to do after church. What's the obvious answer? Target trip! However, if you were thinking Starbucks you still get points for being close (we went there Saturday).

As we drove to the store I got the bright idea to dye my hair. We both have dark brown basically black hair naturally and between the two of us have dyed our hair most colors from platinum blonde, warm caramel, fire engine red, deep violet, to jet black. Many of those times have been with professional help but we know our way around the at home dye aisle too so it seemed like no big deal.

After agreeing that the color NEVER comes out as light or bright as pictured on the box we decided to buy this color.

Downtown Brown (specially formulated for dark hair). Yes it looks a bit more Beyonce than Jessica Alba (which is who we were going for…present Alba not the blonde phase) but "trust us we're professionals". And we were right. The color came out beautifully in all of its summertime sun kissed perfection. But it came out in patches and streaks. Now I made sure to ask the bestie if she was mad at me BEFORE we started, I watched as she read and reread the instructions before she applied the dye, I even said a prayer y'all. So how was it that things had gone so terribly wrong?

As my partner in crime panicked over what she had done to my head I couldn't help but think back to my prayer. Something along the lines of

"Jesus please help us not to mess this up. Guide Celeste's hands as she applies the dye. Help the chemicals to be well mixed and to react well with my hair…I know I'm fearfully and wonderfully made and you did an awesome job when you created me… *insert awkwardly long pause here as I begin to second guess the decision because obviously my actions are disagreeing with my prayer*…and you know dark hair is great. I love my natural hair it's really shiny *inward gasp* please don't let it fall out…I just think it will be really fun for it to be a little lighter for now. But whatever color you think suits me works. So I won't even worry about what the picture on the box looks like. You take over and let it be your will. Amen"

On our second trip to Target (with my hair hidden under a baseball cap) we grabbed this box.

Black Leather. I was a little afraid because NO ONE'S hair is really ever THAT black. But I wasn't sure which brown would be powerful enough to cover everything evenly. As we went in for round two my scalp was on fire (oh yea you are NOT supposed to double dye or whatever so please don't follow my example). All I could think was "now I'm gonna just be basic boring Cass...blah" or "Classic Cass" as my best friend lovingly calls it. Yes I know I should've been a little more thankful our experiment didn't make me bald (I'd like to thank my mama for strong hair genes lol) but I was still sulking so my thankfulness might have been lacking a bit. As I got ready for work I realized I looked basically like our whole Sunday afternoon/evening had never happened.

Then this morning while sitting at my desk something crazy happened. One of the cranky older men I work with that never even says good morning to anyone (and by cranky I mean straight to the point and by older I mean seasoned … Just have to cover my bases in case somehow he finds himself reading this blog post one day) walked over to me and said "you are shining like the sun today". After I picked my jaw up off the floor I couldn't help but remember sitting on a chair at my bathroom sink silently praying "take over and let it be your will". So sorry Celeste, it really was my fault things went horribly wrong. But I guess God just needed to teach me a lesson "be careful what you pray for"!  Or I guess He was saying I'm perfect just how He made me (cue Johnny Diaz's 'More Beautiful You').
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