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morning musings | Hair Products I Love

I can’t count the number of times random people stop and ask me what I use on my hair. The most memorable was while on a road trip with my family in a rest stop in New York, after sleeping in the car for hours, a middle aged man complimented my curls and HAD to know what I used so he could buy some. He proceeded to make me wait (I was headed towards the bathroom) so I could tell his wife so she could buy it for him. Craziness y’all!

Earlier this week my friend told me her co-worker said I always have “movie-star hair”. They like me they really like me *in my Sally Field voice*. So I decided to share my Top 5 can’t live without hair products.

1| This may be TMI but I have terrible dandruff. My stylist of years refuses to believe this because it never wants to act up when I go to see her. But I guess that means this stuff works. Classic, unglamorous, Head & Shoulders. I like “smooth & silky” the best. I don't use this every time I wash my hair only when I see it's getting bad.

2| I don’t know a girl who hasn’t fallen in love with Organix (or Ogx or whatever they’re calling themselves these days). The Argan Oil of Morocco line is my fave. I use the penetrating oil when I get out of the shower if I’m planning on wearing my hair curly. I use the weightless healing oil as a finishing spray when I wear my hair straight.

3| I’ve tried all kinds of vitamins; just plain biotin, prenatal (strictly for hair growth), hair skin & nails. One day while at Target, when I was out of the latest fancy bottle of vitamins they recommended at my local Herb Shoppe, I grabbed this bottle. It was on sale. It had gummies. Seemed like a win-win to hold me over until I had more money for “the good stuff”. Wrong! Wrong in the sense that it was more than a hold over. This was the first thing I tried where I noticed a difference in the health and growth of my hair. I’m hooked.

4| A good heat protectant is a must! I’ve had the same bottle of Redken heat glide forever. ‘Nough said.

5| Wanna know that stuff I was wearing when the guy asked about my curls? Mixed Chicks! I used to order their leave-in conditioner online or beg my family members up North to snag and ship me some BEFORE it was available nationwide. The first time I saw it in a store near me I literally got teary-eyed. I’ll admit I was initially drawn in by the name (#MixedGirlProbz) but this stuff is amazing. I have friends of all races that now use and love it. They even have a YouTube video on how to perfectly apply it.

Now you know some of my hair secrets…honestly now you know the most important ones. If I think of anything else that I can explain without needing to be face to face I’ll let you know. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!