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morning musings | Back To School

School supplies are some of my favorite things. So the saddest part about graduating for me was not being able to rummage through the new treasures at the end of the summer in anticipation for the year to come. But all that has changed (insert evil laugh here)! I am starting a two-year Bible training course for church leaders next week. So it's the perfect excuse er I mean reason to buy new school supplies, right?

1| Binders are a necessity for me when it comes to starting a new class or tackling a new project. They help me to focus better and organize my thoughts. My favorite way to jazz up a boring binder is by sliding a cute printable inside the clear cover. The one above is from Chicfetti and is currently on the binder I use for my Bible Study notes. For Chic Sake is another site I love but a simple Google or Pinterest search will give you countless options for free printables.
2| Speaking of printables Emily Ley has some good ones to see what's coming each month at a glance and to schedule your day more in detail.
3 & 4| I usually take my notes first in a notebook and later rewrite them on paper to add to my binder. This allows me to fully focus in the moment on what is being said (because if I don't write I get all kinds of distracted). Copying my notes makes them legible and allows me to identify the most important parts so I can make those things stand out.
I'm a sucker for anything gold so I love this notebook and a big plus is it comes in three different patterns, thank you Target! I remember the first time I bought this neon filler paper and the crazy look I received from the guy ringing me out. Having the different colors allows me to identify themes, sources, or speakers easily when it comes time to review (so go on and judge sir but I will keep buying it, thank you very much).
5| I fell in love with this notepad from Swoozie's because not only is it the perfect size for adding to-do lists to my corkboard but also because the words "Killin' It" (in gold foil no less) remind of a sermon series Andy Stanley recently did…just watch the intro and you'll understand the ear to ear smile on my face.
Incorporating things that make you smile can make any challenge more bearable and even the most boring tasks fun (like grocery lists on killin' it sheets?! Too brilliant, I'm done). I hope you have a great start to your semester!