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morning musings | Accountability

I vividly remember watching a movie in elementary school about a "modern day" family that moves to an old plantation home. When I say modern day the dad drove a wood paneled station wagon (that was almost identical to one my mom drove at the time and I was humiliated when one of the safety patrol members alerted the whole class to the similarity…strangely enough I find wood paneling on cars quite adorable now, go figure). Anyway, during the movie the family was fixated on things that came in threes and triangles almost to the point of terror. Even though I know they were being extremely superstitious I'm sure that movie secretly played a huge part in my belief that if I see or hear something three or more times it's a sign. To be fair I'm pretty hardheaded and I'm sure God knows He literally has to whack me in the face with something before it clicks. So when, in less than a week's time, six people from four different churches spoke into my life about accountability I took notice.

Having been let down by some of the people I went to in the past for spiritual accountability (in the sense that people have lives, babies, a ton of other things that are screaming for their attention) I've been intentionally working on cultivating a new circle of support. It hasn't been something I've broadcasted (until this moment only one person other than the women I've been "interviewing" knew).  So the fact I've been receiving a ton of unsolicited advice blew my mind. The overall theme of everyone's messages is best summed up by something our high school pastor shared yesterday "The danger is a lot of us allow other people to be spiritual for us". Or how a woman I love put it we run to our accountability more than (or before) we run to God.

I'm a fiercely independent introvert so getting me to open up to anyone I've known for less than seven years is basically a miracle in and of itself. I'd much rather figure things out on my own. So I don't tend to blindly take what my accountability says and start running with it. Actually, sometimes to my detriment, I usually do the opposite. I know that's my rebellious spirit, I hate feeling controlled, but I'm working on it. It's great to learn from other people's mistakes and triumphs without having to live through it all yourself. I pray all the time that my students are listening during our small group time and that they avoid making the same mistakes I did. But no matter how much our small group leaders, accountability, or even pastors care about us and no matter how biblically sound their advice is nothing beats going to His feet ourselves. Spend time daily in The Word, in prayer, and listening for His voice.

*evil laugh* I caught her.