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spotlight | Downtown Demure

Once upon a time there was a girl with a dream of starting a blog. Knowing she wanted to glorify God in whatever she chose to write about she went down a list of her passions and interests. How could she marry the two? One of the things that stood out on the list was her love of fashion. How many hours had she spent thrifting or altering clothes with her sewing machine? A ton! So the idea to write a blog on dressing modestly yet still fashionably seemed like a no brainer…until she realized she was not THAT fancy.

If you haven’t guessed I am that girl. For as long as I can remember I have loved playing dress-up. However, one thing I realized while helping my friends shop or letting them raid my closet is a lot of things I like only work on me. I’ve developed an almost costume-esque wardrobe that other people just don’t feel comfortable wearing. So my dream of starting a blog where I gave out nothing but fashion pointers died.

Last week I was reminded of that long forgotten dream while scrolling through my bloglovin’ feed. A suggested blog led me to another blog which introduced me to Downtown Demure

Navigating the world of fashion with the goal of being modest is a hard task and I applaud her for being brave enough to take that on. There were some things I disagreed with (but hey I’m a natural born rebel so that’s 99.9% likely to happen). Like her declaration that leather leggings are a DON’T. I’m still on a quest to find my perfect pair so I can quote Andy Mineo when he said “My church clothes these leather pants”. But I promise to wear a bum covering top when I do finally find them. She also has some really cute posts on life outside of fashion. The Lizzie McGuire meme in this post on crushes instantly brought me back to my childhood. And yes I am a socially awkward Christian…the struggle is real y’all! I’m excited to read more of her blog and you should go check it out too.