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morning musings | It's beginning to look a lot like Advent…

Growing up I always thought Advent was a strictly Swedish thing. That probably was largely due to the fact that I was introduced to the tradition by the same Aunt that took me to my first Scandinavian festival.   

It was years before I realized that American Christians too celebrate Advent. Some people light candles, some people fast, but my favorite tradition involves a little box with numbered doors and chocolate!
I put together a list of 5 things I need to celebrate Advent this year:
1| Waiting Here For You by Louie Giglio (a book full of daily readings with an Advent theme) 
2| Fancy Pants Calendar (forget the cardboard cartooned boxes of my youth)
3| 12 pack of Ferrero Rocher (and while we're upgrading let's add some good chocolate)
4 & 5| Strips of Paper and Metallic Sharpies (I plan on adding activities to every OTHER day instead of chocolate. Some examples are "preform a random act of kindness" "write your neighbor a nice note" "call Grandma"...because it is the season of giving after all)