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what to wear | DNOW (rally)

Tomorrow kicks-off the biggest weekend of the year for student ministry at my church, DNOW! It's an amazing weekend retreat where students stay in different houses belonging to church members with their small groups. Bible studies will be done at the houses and then we'll meet back up for worship sessions at church. Thusrday night there will be a big rally. The theme? Neon out! I'm super excited and since a couple of my girls asked what I plan on wearing I decided to share what an outfit would look like in my ideal world.

what to wear: DNOW (rally)

jeans + comfy shoes: so I'm free to run, jump, jam out, and worship
layers: since it's cold outside but warm indoors
snacks + coffee: due to my early bedtime and need of a little help
top it all off with a hair bow because the bigger the bow the bigger the fun