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spotify selections | Uno Uno Seis (Andy & Lecrae edition)

Have you ever heard of Winter Jam? If not it's a giant concert with everyone's favorite Christian artists for only 10's pretty awesome! Last year I went and was super excited to see Plumb (because I love her and yes she was beyond AMAZING). However, the headliner (the guy everyone stuck around to see) was Lecrae. I live in Atlanta and volunteer in student ministry with high school and middle school students so yea I knew who he was but I was pretty indifferent to seeing him live.

I was tired and ready to go home because Newsboys' set went a tad longer than I appreciated. But, the moment Lecrae came on stage it was like everyone in the Georgia Dome had been revived. The excitement in the air was like electricity and I got shocked. After that night, I'm proud to say, I became a fan. Even better, I met (via Spotify & Pandora) Andy Mineo and fell in love (with his music).

So needless to say I was thrilled when my friend Panda (no her parents didn't name her that, unfortunately) handed me a card with tickets to tonight's show a little over a month ago for my birthday. I mean seriously, how amazing is she?! In honor of tonight's concert I decided to give you five songs to add to your Uno Uno Seis have one already,

1| Uno Uno Seis – Andy Mineo
The name explains it all.
2| I Love You – Lecrae ft. Chris Lee
I could listen to this a million times on repeat.
3| The Fever - Lecrae, Papa San, & Andy Mineo
This song was my first introduction to AM and for that I am forever grateful!
4| Say I Won't – Lecrae ft. Andy Mineo
"might swag out a fanny pack"
5| You Can't Stop Me- Andy Mineo
Why are you still reading? Go listen to all these, now!