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Let's Pray

Disclaimer: This comic has absolutley nothing to do with today's letter other than the fact that the sister it's written to probably imagines the devil in food form too.

Lessy Boo,

Last night you said something while we were on the phone that literally made me stop in my tracks. You apologized for not praying with me more.

Gosh, I love you so much!

I know you are always praying for me. I know we pray in group for other people. But seriously how often do we stop and pray together for each other?

I never hesitate to call my grandma or small group leader or dad when I'm having a personal crisis. Right after saying hello I almost demand "I need you to pray for me" and I don't hang up the phone until it actually happens. However with my friends, the closest people to me, I say "I need you to pray for me" and trust that it happens at some later time.

The same is true when the roles are reversed. Let one of my old high school girls (now college adults, YIKES) text me saying something is going on. I'll pick up the phone immediately and pray. Let one of my middle schoolers tell me they have a test or a big game. Our heads our bowing almost before the sentence is finished. But if you, a friend so close I claim you as family, asks I respond "yea, girl. I will". In my defense I do...multiple times and with more frequency often than I pray for my own issues. But seldom do I offer the comfort of letting you hearme.

I am so sorry! I now realize I am a terrible friend...ok, so I don't ACTUALLY think that. But, I could do so much better. You have a million and one things going on right now and I have a front row seat. Who on earth would be better suited to pray with you?!

*insert picture of Amber here because I knoooow that's who you're thinking...Harummph lol*

Since we're so close I can see things that you might not even notice. Praying aloud with someone gives different perspective to problems and helps ease some of the stress we feel because "finally, someone gets it".

Thanks for checking me (without even meaning to). I promise I'll do a better job too.

I'll be calling you for the 500th time today soon!

-Your BM :)