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confessions | I'm alone

My friends flake, a lot. It never fails. I know if we have group plans at least two people are going to call or text hours before the plans start to say they can't make it. This doesn't really make me mad or sad. I've just come to expect it. This also means I've come to expect being alone if I want to do things that really interest me.

I spent so much time when I was younger missing out on things I cared about because I couldn't find someone to go with me or because someone canceled. One day I told myself "no more!" I vowed that if I wanted to see a movie, try a new restaurant, or go to an event I would do it. Regardless of if I had a partner in crime or not.

This attitude has been so freeing. Many times I've made new friends while I was out. Sometimes I wandered alone people watching. Never did I regret the decision to go.