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confessions | I love Halloween

I grew up in a church where my dad was chastised by some members for letting me read Harry Potter for fear that I would grow up with the desire to practice magic. However, that didn't change the excitement I felt every time the Hogwarts Express pulled up to Platform 9 ¾. Nor did it change the fact that my facebook says I attended a school of witchcraft and wizardry (I didn't really y'all) in addition to the two universities from which I obtained legitimate degrees. Being a firm believer in the supernatural I understand their concern and words of caution. We walk a thin line when we make light of the supernatural. Just like with all things we need to be careful what we read, watch, and listen to when dealing with that realm. That's why you'll never see me watching a movie about exorcism. (I've seen one in real life and don't understand what is particularly entertaining about that experience.) However, I don't think we need to approach the supernatural with fear. We serve a God who is greater than any evil force out there.
At this point all the mothers of my small group girls have left the blog and are sending concerned emails to our middle school pastor and his wife, sorry Chris and Wendy!! I understand the dark roots of Halloween and totally get why some people don't celebrate it (so no pressure if you fall in to that group). But I love carving pumpkins, dressing up (in appropriate costumes), and watching Charlie Brown or an old Mary Kate and Ashley movie while stuffing my face with chocolate until I get a tummy ache.
As Christians I don't feel we are called to cover our eyes and pretend things we disagree with don't exist. Neither do I feel it is right of us to gawk at our "worldly" neighbors from behind our blinds with our porch lights off while they trick-or-treat down our streets. We should approach Halloween, as all things in life, as a chance to be the light and to become more like Jesus. How much more do we build the kingdom when we turn things that were originally meant for evil into teachable moments that showcase God's love and protection? Let's use this holiday to build community rather than increasing the divide between believers and non-believers.
But hey, I might be biased because I love Halloween.