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morning musings | Would You Like a Spot of Tea?


I love tea like seriously LOVE tea. When I was younger I would tell people my favorite Disney Princess was Alice, as in Alice in Wonderland. Obviously she was a princess because only princesses get to attend tea parties. Besides why else would the queen hate her so much? (You can see my rebellious streak started early.)

So when my morning started with a text convo as to why microwaves are not suitable for heating water when you want a proper cup of tea I was elated. We all have our eccentricities; those strange things we try to hide from our friends so that they don't look at us crazy. When we find someone with the same weird interests we instantly feel connected. An unspoken understanding passes between us and a friendship is formed.

Our "normal" friends can benefit from our geekdom too. I remember the concerned reaction from a few of my friends when I told them I would be celebrating my birthday at Dr. Bombay's Underwater Tea Party and that they must wear hats or fascinators to attend. However after a Sunday afternoon filled with various pots of flavored tea, scones, and clotted cream they were hooked. Years later they still ask when we are going back. As casually as one might ask "do you wanna do lunch?" I now hear "would you like a spot of tea?" (Ok so they don't actually phrase it like that. But I know deep down they really want to.)

My overall point is we shouldn't spend our time hiding the things we don't think other people will accept. They make us more interesting. Besides you might be surprised by how cool having the confidence to be uncool makes you.