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insta week | 9.12.14

1| kicked off breakaway weekend with iced coffee in my JF girls cup...jedi dodgeball and laser tag for all
2| pizza + Falcons football after church = a perfect Sunday
3| secret tribute to Chick-fil-A in Ms. Ruth's birthday s/o
4| took a moment to let this statement wash over me...mind blown
5| hey look I'm a #WCW *insert googly eyes here*
6| #tbt to our cookie making decorating party
[I only took one picture from a stranger this week #2- @phillyg19 . His seats were much better than ours (living room par-tay)! #4 I took from Pastor David - @ULTRADAVEZoR and #5 from the handsome - @sqweegy thanks kid]

If you aren't hip to my hashtag lingo: #WCW = Woman Crush Wednesday & #tbt = Throwback Thursday.