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morning musings | What Can't You Live Without?

Today the women's ministry at my church launched a new online bible study (yay). At the bottom of our intro post Anne asked us to write down three things we don't think we can live without.

I was tempted to not be super honest since I had a vision of next week's post suggesting we fast from those items. But I decided the first step to overcoming is identifying so here's my list.

1.       The Internet- most of my day is spent using it. Whether at work or at home so much of what I do relies on having some sort of connection to the internet. I send emails, get directions, price compare, download audiobooks, use social media, etc. etc. etc.

In some ways without the use of the internet I would be more productive. I'd clean more, read my Bible more, and go outside more. However I would also be giving up many conveniences and I'd *gasp* have to actually interact with human beings. (I'm an introvert so that *gasp* was only partially a joke.) Worst of all I'd have to give up all the British shows I love to watch.

2.       My Phone- in addition to using my phone like a mini computer that feeds my internet addiction I use it to keep in touch with people. I constantly text/call my family and friends. Since they're all over the country I cherish my FaceTime dates.

While not having a phone would be difficult (I'd have to plan more trips and send more letters) it would force me to be more present when I am actually face to face with people. No constantly checking Instagram, responding to GroupMe or texting just good old fashioned conversation.

3.       Shiloh (My Car)- There was this time in college (after I killed my first car) that this was a reality. Since I went to school in the suburbs and we didn't have a sophisticated transit system I mostly walked (and was in great shape, thank you very much). Now I live in the heart of the city in a very walkable neighborhood so should something happen to Shi I know I could take the train to work or walk a block to pick up groceries.

However, all the REALLY important things are far/places where the bus doesn't run. My church is a 45 minute drive, my friends all live in different cities, and the good dog park (with the astro turf and pools) would be about a 7 hour walk.

I know these are all #FirstWorld problems and even as I type I realize how silly I am to say I can't live without these things. If I were being more honest, and less lazy, my list would probably look like this 1.) Jesus 2.) The People I Love 3.) Puppy Cuddles. I guess the most important things really aren't things.