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letters to my sister | Elephant Stew

I heard this saying recently:

Q: How do you eat an elephant?

A: One bite at a time!

We've probably all been given similar advice at some point or another, but being a visual person, I find the idea of hunkering down with a bowl of elephant stew much more amusing than other reminders to tackle problems one step at a time. It was hearing this saying that inspired me to write my first letter to my sister(well you know, first internet one). Enjoy!

Dear Munch,

As you get ready to start another year of high school newly armed with a driver's license (eek!) and deeply in love with a boy (who I will murder if he breaks your heart…prosecuting attorneys please strike that last comment from the record) remember to stop and take a deep breath. The parentals are going to be on you to make better grades. Your coaches are going to push you to produce one more win. Your friends are going to look to you for support and advice. It can all get overwhelming and will…because you are going to fail! (Ready to give me an award for World's Best Big Sister yet?) It sounded so much nicer when Dr. Seuss said it so, next time I'll try to make it rhyme.

Seriously though, you're only human, so you are going to mess up, and that's a wonderfully magnificent thing. Failing will teach you so much more than perfection ever could. When you're faced with the giant elephant of a problem that is being a high school girl remember to take it on bite by bite. Life isn't a race to see who can accomplish the most things in the shortest amount of time. Rather it's a journey to be enjoyed. I wish someone would have told me I didn't have to join every club or ace every test. I spent so much of high school focused on being an overachiever that I forgot to take the time to make a lot of really good memories with the people I cared about.

You can't tackle every problem in just one day. Focus on breaking things in to manageable pieces. Sometimes all you need to do is take a step back to realize what really matters and what is just unnecessary fluff.

Gosh I miss your face pretty girl! I hope you have an AMAZING first day.

Love you,