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It's Your Birthday!

Today my Siamese brain twin turns twenty…umm, well it's her birthday and that's all I can really say or she'll probably slap me with a handful of flowers. Last night I forced myself to stay up waaaaaay past my 10:30 p.m. bedtime to send her warm wishes via text and Instagram. I had this brilliant idea of showing up on her doorstep with gifts but luckily I found out she was celebrating at the beach BEFORE I jumped in Shi (my car…if you're lost obviously you didn't read my last post and shame on you). Here's what I would have said to her at midnight had she been in town.

Dear Birthday Princess,

Gosh, it’s hard to believe that we've been friends for one year short of a decade! As you face this birthday I want you to know a couple of things:

#1 You are NOT old!!!

When we were younger each calendar year meant a new level of freedom. 16 drive, 18 vote, 21 legally (and responsibly) drink (one glass of wine with dinner and that's it). Now the years fill us with the panic of things we have yet to achieve. We wonder when we'll land that dream job, when we'll get married, or when things will magically click allowing us to feel like 'real grown-ups'. I know it's scary and frustrating. When people say we're old believe me I want to choke them too.

But then I think of Kim. How 21 years was all she ever got to see. How the weeks that followed that car crash brought canceled birthday and graduation parties that had been planned in her honor. I also think of Casey and Josh who seem far too young to be fighting for their lives. The doctor's appointments, the chemo, the facebook statuses they must see with people complaining about HAVING to do things that have been denied to them. That's when I remember I'm pretty blessed to be where I am. I'm able to get in my car, drive myself to dinner, and pay for food with money that I've earned whenever I feel like it. I'm happy that you're here getting older with me. I hope we make it to 50 and still feel 19 (telling the young girls to look for a shaker just like your mom tells us)!

#2 He is SO not worth it!

I remember MY birthday last year. The guy I was dating spent the weeks leading up to it going back and forth about whether or not he wanted to talk to me. I was an emotional wreck. So much so, that even when he spent the whole week surprising me to make up for his wishy-washiness I didn't truly feel at peace. Frankly that feeling sucked and the best part of that week was girls' night. We must have ordered everything on the menu! As the plates were passed around the table, jokes were made, and stories were told I remembered what it felt like to be truly loved. There are girls in this world that don't have friends to surprise them at work or sneak to the playground and swing with them at midnight. I'm excited to be married one day but I refuse to settle for a man that doesn't treat me as good as my girlfriends do. WHO needs that?! I know it gets tempting to settle. But if God can bring you the most amazing girlfriends on the planet don't you think he'll make your future hubby that much more awesome? He did specially create Eve for and from Adam. There will be someone who not only tells you but also SHOWS you exactly where you stand (and it better be 2nd, right after Jesus, or you need to run). Wait for him, he's out there…I've seen the proof first hand.

I know you're at the beach right now soaking up the rays and hang gliding (you're really way too cool to be my friend). But I can't wait for you to get home so I can pinch your cheeks and give you a big hug!

Love you,