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confessions | I'm a Hoarder

Ok so maybe TLC doesn't need to come and stage an intervention, but, I've got a problem. There are two things in this world I can't resist- 1. A good sale 2. Realizing an item's potential to be made wonderful simply by taking a pair of scissors to it. That being said you're highly likely to find me at a thrift store rummaging through the men's clothes (more fabric to work with) or rocking an adorable skirt that was once a dress (hence the scissors). I like to think I'm an artist. Even if my artistic ability is limited to turning junk nobody wants into less of an eyesore.

Now don't get me wrong, I am super thankful God gave me this gift. I can't tell you how many fancy pants events I've gone to wearing something I altered. It saves money. It allows you to have a one of a kind outfit. But most importantly, it creates mess! My room is overflowing with fabric scraps, works in progress, and handy things I might need…one day. Since I'm not yet a "real adult" with a whole house to hide my junk treasures in, I've decided to stage my own intervention. Meet my weapons:


1.       7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess by Jen Hatmaker



Months ago I decided I would spend the summer getting super organized. Obviously, since I'm writing this post in mid-August, I failed. I totally place full blame for that on the public library (and maybe beach trips, work, Frozen themed birthday parties, etc.). I put a hold on this book in early spring thinking it would inspire me. I was so far down on the list I didn't get it until last Friday (when I had three other books checked out-perfect timing y'all). So my goal is to read through this and craft a plan for my own "mutiny against excess" which will probably be a lot less extreme than Jen & Company's.


2.       Unfancy's Capsule Wardrobe Planner


Pinterest introduced me to the idea of capsule wardrobes quite some time ago. I laughed in the face of minimalists that believed they could survive off of about only 30 articles of clothing. Then I lived with a minimalist. She kept her all clothes on one rack (and a small dresser). Anything that didn't fit had to go. Being a sucker for anything that sparkles or has an interesting pattern I felt like she was missing out on so much fun. But you know what? She always looked so put together. Now I know myself-I'm a lover of theme parties and any excuse to buy a new dress. I could never limit myself in all areas of my wardrobe. After working through Caroline's capsule wardrobe planner and charting out my lifestyle I realized I could, at least, trim the fat when it comes to my work wardrobe. Create a uniform if you would. Hey ,all that research schools are doing on it can't be totally wrong. Since I spend most of my life at work this will be one giant step toward simplifying my life.

3.       My third and final weapon….my friends *insert evil laugh here*


You know that old saying "birds of a feather"? It's definitely true. My closest friends (with the exception of my old roomie I told you about in No. 2) are hoarders just like me. Fortunately, another thing we have in common is we really enjoy nagging each other. If someone says she wants to eat healthier, we will happily remind her to put the cupcake down and walk away…and probably stuff it in our own mouth before she gets a chance to change her mind. If someone wants to run a 5k, we'll happily run with her, or at least send her motivating pins and wake up calls. Of course these are the people I turn to when I just need to say "NO" to hoarding and "YES" to simplifying my life. One major plus about turning to my friends is that if I give them my stuff then decide this was all a terrible idea, it's a lot easier to reclaim my items than if I donate them (don't judge).

So now you know a secret about me. Actually, I should probably add this blog as weapon No. 4 because you can't just put things out into the universe like that and then take them back.

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