Fast & Easy Floral Wreath

Isn’t it funny how life never seems to go as planned? I filmed this “Fast and Easy Floral Wreath” tutorial right before Valentine's Day. I thought it would be a fun craft for a girl’s night. But then I couldn’t bring myself to publish the video.

I was too embarrassed. The camera kept struggling to focus. The audio wasn’t consistent. I convinced myself nobody cared to see what I had worked so hard on.

Then one day I came home from work and was face-to-face with my creation; literally. It was hanging on my door in all it’s floral glory. And if it was good enough for our home, I decided, it most certainly was good enough for YouTube.

So I hit publish and shared the link on my Instagram page. I waited for the negative feedback telling myself it would only make me stronger. However, what I received were the sweetest comments and direct messages. People actually liked it. Two soon-to-be brides even told me it gave them new ideas for how they could create centerpieces for their weddings.

I held onto this video for months. I was too afraid to share it and too discouraged to create something new. When I finally let go of that fear I realized things weren't as bad as I had imagined. This was the reminder I needed that baby steps are ok. Hopefully, my story will remind you of that too.

Oh, and here's the video in case you're interested:


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