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$30 Photo Backdrop

Add a little color to your next party with this DIY photo backdrop.

I’m the type of girl who, if left to her own devices, would blow most of her party budget on d├ęcor. That’s because I believe ambience shapes our experience more than anything else. However, I realize most people rank food a little higher on the value scale than aesthetic. So I challenged myself to create a photo backdrop that wouldn’t break the bank.

All you need is a handful of supplies and a good podcast or audiobook to listen to and your wall will be insta-ready quicker than you can say “cheese”.

Supplies: ·      - Removable Vinyl (3-5 colors/shades work best) ·      - Scissors and/or a Square Hole Punch ·      - An Empty Wall

I found my vinyl at Michaels. Any brand will work, just make sure the package says removable. This will protect your wall and allow you to move the pieces a bit if you decide you don’t like their placement.
Mint VinylInk Blue VinylCoral Vinyl1.5 inch Square Punch

The back of my vinyl had g…